Gradient's Survey Design Process


Collect custom quantitative and/or qualitative to inform your next big decision. Or even a little one. 

While the world is seemingly awash in data, acquiring the exact data necessary to make an important decision is rarely straightforward. And as the number of tools to collect data proliferate, analysts and decision makers using data need to be mindful of:

  • Ability to target the correct audience 
  • Collecting the right amount of data to make significant conclusions 
  • Representative sampling and stratification  
  • Quality and authenticity of data sources 
  • Appropriate survey and discussion guide design to reduce measurement error  
  • Storing, accessing, interrogating and visualizing data once it’s been collected

Gradient’s Data Collection Capabilities

We’ve developed a streamlined quantitative and qualitative data collection process that takes as input the decision to be made and outputs quantitative or qualitative data points to guide your decision. 

We develop a sampling approach that targets the right audience with confidence and reports back the essential intelligence. Imagine how quick, nimble and customized research insights could improve your organization’s decision making process:

  • Point to data points in advance of a strategy session 
  • Craft a campaign narrative around current discussions
  • Identify differences within an audience 
  • Surface language that real people use to talk about an issue 
  • Generate visualizations to include in reports and briefs 
  • Quickly test a hypothesis before incurring significant cost 

When you understand how your audience thinks — and how your decisions affect them —  your entire organization becomes more efficient, healthier, and higher performing.


Here’s How it Works 

We spend a little time getting to know you and the decisions you need to make.  Then we get moving: 

  • We summarize your organization’s research goals and clearly map the decision from intelligence to information and ultimately to the specific data points that need to be collected 
  • We develop a targeting approach to precisely target the correct audience
  • We design a sampling methodology that yields enough data to be confident in your decision without wasting unnecessary resources 
  • We prepare an annotated survey and/or discussion guide in language appropriate to the target audience 
  • We source data through reputable data panels with stringent data quality protocols, including identify verification  
  • We parse and organize quantitative data into an interactive online dashboard for easy searching, tabulations, and charting
  • We synthesize qualitative data into topline insights using NLP 
  • We prepare data for more advanced analyses when necessary  

Getting Started

To start, we will schedule a brief conversation to understand the decision you’re trying to decide on an appropriate mode and methodology.  


Contact us to brainstorm a plan, figure out pricing, and identify steps to getting the right data for your company.