Holiday retrospective

2020 Holiday Double Take


Since so many Americans were naughty at the end 2020 by gathering indoors with frozen turkeys and loved ones, Santa rightfully brought us a massive block of Christmas coal in the form of record-setting COVID-19 cases.


The repercussions of Thanksgiving gatherings were clear to the 59% of Americans who thought the 2020 winter holiday season was very different from previous years. In advance of Thanksgiving this year, only 36% thought TurkeyDay would be very different. We call that adjusting expectations.


Compared to Thanksgiving, where 32% of Americans traveled, the 2020 winter holiday season saw a 10% decrease in holiday movement. Packing up the Subaru (72% traveled by car) was much more popular than packing into a Boeing (14% traveled by plane). Winter holiday travelers were not cavalier, however: 64% were concerned about contracting COVID during their travels and 50% got tested as part of their travel schlep.




Of the 31% of Americans who invited visitors into their home for presents and eggnog, 63% set the expectation that a negative COVID-19 test was required for entry.

Despite attempts to celebrate the holidays safely, the grim reality is that 18% of Americans report that someone they came into contact with over the 2020 holiday season contracted COVID-19. Among travelers, it’s 44%.