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A House Divided



Do you remember what your childhood home looked like? What about your first place after college? Or the one where your first child was born? If you’re like the average American, they probably all looked very different.


From earthy Pueblo Revival to elaborate Victorian to ornate Italianate homes, American residential architecture is as diverse as its people. With ample home styles, what does the real American dream home look like? Let’s bring in a MaxDiff to find out!

Among 20 different home types common across America, the most preferred is the modest yet highly functional Farmhouse style. Of rural origin, but now visible in every generic suburban subdivision called some derivative of “Whispering Oaks,” the Farmhouse style features wrap-around porches and lots of space for family gathering.


The least preferred home style is a Townhouse. Maybe it’s the close quarters or the lack of space, but very few Americans would like to call a Townhome home.


But let’s be real, all we really care about are granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. That is the new American dream.