American Workforce Priorities: flexible offices and drawstrings


Together with Populace, we conducted the inaugural Workforce Priorities Index to capture what Americans really want out of their jobs. To get right to it, the answer is not bottomless seltzer or cashews. In fact, carbonated beverages and fair trade nuts are as valuable to American workers as having a fancy gym and a rooftop hydroponic farm pollinated with heirloom bumble bees. These benefits are pure veneer and fall to the bottom of Americans’ employment priorities.


What really gets American workers out of bed and on the clock is having good compensation, flexibility in where they work, and a robust benefits package.


One prevalent collective illusion shared by many workers is that very few individuals truly want a prestigious white-collar desk job, but have the perception that most other people in society are striving to join the upper echelons of hoity toity employers. But really, we all just want to be appreciated, respected, and...allowed to walk our dog at lunch twice a week. Speaking of which, I g2g. 🐕