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But Where is the Tip Jar?


Don’t worry, BOPIS is not the next novel coronavirus. It’s just one tool to help us survive the current one. Buy Online, Pickup IStore was a fledgling retail trend in the before times that is now used by 54% of American shoppers at least once per month. As with so many trends, COVID accelerated the move to BOPIS as nearly half (46%) of in-store pickups in the past six months were with first-time BOPIS customers.

Groceries, prepared food, and clothing are the most common BOPIS products, accounting for roughly two-thirds (65%) of in-store pickups. Despite the clunky name, customers are decidedly pro-BOPIS with 90% enjoying the experience and two-thirds so smitten with having personal shoppers that they intend to continue BOPIS even after the pandemic subsides.

In fact, 80% of customers prefer brands with a BOPIS option. So, as we get used to buying online and picking up in store, the next obvious clunky acronym to emerge has to be BOPISATIR: BOPIS + And Then Immediately Return.