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Coronavirus: The Crown Jewel of Confusion


What’s the royal treatment to avoid contracting COVID-19? If your answer involves garlic or your pet hedgehog, we hope you’re quarantined at home alone. For a very long while.




While 82% of Americans correctly note that regular hand washing is one way to prevent contracting the virus, that’s still only 82%. Similarly, only 83% correctly report that the virus is spread through the cough or sneeze of an infected person.


And even with a royal decree in most jurisdictions prohibiting the gathering of groups, only 60% of Americans know that maintaining distance from others is a recommended prevention method.


Most Americans have a great deal of trust in healthcare institutions, both federal and local, to address the outbreak.


While Trump has enlisted a royal court of C Suite executives to buttress his administration's response, 49% of Americans distrust his ability to manage a successful response.