Counting on Democracy


From toilet paper hoarding to Zoom bombing, let’s just say 2020 has left us all with some trust issues. In addition to folks not trusting the polls, 1 in 4 Americans do not fully trust the results of the 2020 presidential election.


It’s not surprising that Democrats and Republicans feel differently about the outcome of the election, but never have we ever experienced such division about the process of the election. While the majority of Democrats (89%) and Independents (62%) trust the 2020 presidential election results, only 35% of Republicans feel the same.



Despite no evidence of election fraud, Republicans who distrust the results share their most common concerns: “mail-in ballot suspiciously favored Biden” (37%), “fraudulent ballots were cast by dead people” (37%), and “mail-in ballots received too late were counted” (31%).


While Democrats celebrate with their ice cream and aviators ... they, too, throw shade on democracy when their party underperforms. Two-thirds of Democrats say they do not trust the results of down ballot congressional races, compared to just 45% of Republicans and Independents. Apparently we are all a little too insecure to accept what experts call the most secure election in history.


America, we are “looking kind of dumb with a finger and a thumb in the shape of an L on our forhead” and “...we could all use a little chaaaange...”🎵⭐️🎶 ⭐️