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Divided in Sickness and in Health


When was the last time someone invited you to go shopping for healthcare with them? For many, the healthcare purchasing process is about as enjoyable as shopping for a coffin. It’s not a “plus one” event. But without good healthcare, that coffin purchase becomes all the more important.


What makes shopping for healthcare different from browsing purses, suits, or shoes at the mall? Mass confusion, complexity, and catastrophic (literally and figuratively) costs. Amid this reality, 51% of Americans support a “Medicare for All” insurance program where everyone in the country would be on a medical insurance program provided through the federal government.




Younger Americans are much more supportive than older Americans. In fact, Baby Boomers are the only age group that is less enthusiastic (only 32% approve) over a “Medicare for All” program — but could that be because 80% already have … ummm … Medicare?