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Finally, We’ve (Sort of) Plateaued


Our monthly tracking of expectations for the economy to resume normal economic activity and the availability of a vaccine has finally, finally leveled. And we even see a glimpse of progress...or just wishful thinking.



Among all Americans, the economy is expected to return to its former glory in 16.5 months, which is just slightly above July’s prediction. So, although the target keeps moving in the wrong direction, at least it’s doing so at a slower rate.


Young Americans are the most optimistic and think they will be back to their entry-level jobs and IRL internships next summer. But those who already have actual careers (or are trying to maintain them in the endless WFH reality) don’t see us going on SkyMall (RIP) shopping sprees until 17 months from now.


Predicted vaccine availability has seen a big drop to just north of 14 months from July’s 17 months, with less variation among ages and regions compared to economic predictions. Americans are becoming ever so slightly more optimistic as Phase 3 clinical trials ramp up.