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Got Plant-Based Milk?


On September 24th, 2021 we reported a bowel-shattering statistic: One in five Americans describe themselves as lactose intolerant. That’s right, 20% associate dairy with dairy-rhea. For all those looking to cash in on America’s intolerance (looking at you, insert politician name here) and start a plant-based milk company, we’ve got you covered.


In the golden age of milk, where nipples aren’t a prerequisite, there are many considerations for the burgeoning milk manager. First, figuring out which type of plant-based milk is best to produce. Almost all Americans have tried (74%) or would consider trying (22%) almond milk, so the nutty beverage appears to be the safest bet. However, for those looking to tap into expanding markets like they’re a creamy keg, macadamia milk is the way to go: Only 15% of Americans who've tried plant-based milk have tasted the macadamia variety, yet a whopping 66% are willing to try the real Hawaiian punch.


Next, you'll need to identify any competitors in order to plant fear in the roots of their infrastructure. During the past three months, Americans in the plant-based milk market were most likely to purchase products from Almond Breeze (43%) or Silk (41%). Milk our words, Almond Breeze’s reign at the top will soon expire.



Lastly, you’ll need to know which brand equities to focus on so your full market takeover doesn’t go sour. To udder-stand which attributes are most important for moo-ving plant-based milk, we conducted a sales driver analysis. When it comes to driving purchase and consideration rates, the taste, coolness, and affordability of plant-based milk are the most influential drivers. For some valuable coolness points consider making Bart Simpson your spokesperson with the tagline "Don’t have a cow, man."