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Gun Control Is Out of Control


You know your society is (not even Nordstrom returnable) broken when lethal violence is as common as going to your mom’s house for dinner every Sunday. Despite the illusion that everyone in America has a gun in their purse/glovebox/locker/mattress, only a minority of Americans (27%) actually own a gun for personal use.


Yet even gun owners don’t stand united on the effectiveness of current gun control regulations. Nearly half of gun owners think current regulations are lenient, while 35% think they are about right and 17% too restrictive. And to erase any mental image that may persist of gun owners casually toting automatic weapons on their Sunday stroll to dinner @ mom’s, three-fifths of gun owners want to see military-style assault weapons banned.



Perhaps American gun culture isn’t as entrenched as it appears: More Americans would like to completely ban the sale, transfer, and ownership of guns than actually own them. Expanded background checks and forcing youngsters to wait until they can legally get plastered in public before being allowed to purchase a gun are the only proposals in 2022 that don’t cause a national controversy. And the average year Americans think the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment protects the individual right to bear arms is 1916. The actual year that happened? 2008


But since 44% of the population literally think the right to own a gun is bestowed by God, don’t expect them to disappear anytime soon. At least until the rapture.