Let’s Plan on Making a Plan


With the election over — well sort of — it is time to look to the future. We asked Americans what they would like their elected leaders to prioritize over the next four years. With a pandemic and recession added to the laundry list of issues currently plaguing America, we conducted a MaxDiff to uncover the issues that are keeping us up at night (don’t worry — restless bedmates and puppies were not included).


With COVID-19 cases spiking across the nation, it’s little surprise that Americans want their elected officials to prioritize developing a national plan to address the pandemic and extending economic relief to those who need it.

And it’s not even a generational thing. Americans of all ages prioritize developing a national plan to address the COVID-19 pandemic. It only took a deadly virus for all of us to agree on something!


The Silent generation, Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials are worried about the economy and are most likely to prioritize increasing jobs. In contrast, Gen Z is motivated by social issues like protecting women’s reproductive rights and addressing systemic racism.



Where comparisons in priorities really get interesting is by presidential vote. Trump voters want to prioritize increasing jobs, defending the country from terrorism, and providing COVID-19 economic relief to whose who need it. Biden voters are off-the-charts eager for a COVID plan — an actual national plan — to address the pandemic buttressed by economic relief for those affected (omg look: agreement).