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Lockdown to Get Down


No travel. No sports. No restaurants. No fun.

The lockdown has been a death knell to many aspects of being a human being (aka mammal), but what has it done to the one thing that creates other human beings? Cue light dimmers and Marvin Gaye. 20% of Americans report increased sexual activity since the shelter-in-place orders went into effect.

Of course, that assumes you’re locked down with someone who is down to get down. Married couples will not be referring to 2020 as the year of their second honeymoon as 70% report no discernible changes. Maybe a little status quo isn’t the worst thing amid so much change.

So, who’s having all the fun? It’s the single folks out there, but not all of them. There are two divergent realities for the unattached: those who are dating and those who are not. And those who are dating are … really doing it. Single Americans who have been dating during the pandemic report a dramatic 48% increase in their sexual activity compared to pre-COVID. While those who have been keeping socially distant haven’t seen much of a change.

For those who have been dating, the most common type of date is an in-person, not-socially-distant date (25%). Hopefully they are using more than just masks as protection.