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With airplane travel unlikely to return soon, gas prices at pre-Millennium levels, and space becoming the newest dimension of luxury, SUVs maneuver into seven out of the top ten most popular parking spots in our New Car MaxDiff.



Since SUVs are one of the few forms of transportation that can accommodate socially distanced passengers, it’s no surprise that American consumers are eager to get out of their homes but within a vessel that they can clean and monitor. And who doesn’t love having the third row all to yourself?


But don’t write off sedans quite yet. The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord crack the top 5 (but not the windshield), and this wouldn’t be 2020 without a showing from Tesla’s Model 3 that quietly and efficiently self-parks into spot #8.


Men are more drawn to the tech-forward, gadget-filled Tesla, which takes spot #4 on the dudemobile ranking. For women, it’s unlucky spot #13.


The efficiency theme holds a decent charge as Toyota’s divisive Prius beats the pickup truck cohort of the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram Pickup. Do you really need a pick-up truck to grab some bread and eggs?


Maybe summer 2020 is the one for the Great American Road Trip?