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Press 9 for Appendicitis


The only folks who miss the doctor’s office waiting room are children skipping school to find Nemo in the fish tank. These days we all get hold music and pre-recorded reminders to get our flu shots instead of time to catch up on magazines we would otherwise never read.



Nonetheless, that time spent in the waiting room is a privilege for those who can afford a costly doctor visit. At a time when healthcare is of critical importance, the economic fallout from the pandemic has shoved 13% of Americans off their healthcare plans. Troublingly, the rate of healthcare loss for Black Americans is more than double the national average at 30%.

While the pandemic dictates a pause on handshakes and high fives, no lockdown can stop grandpa from clipping the edge of a curb or a cavity from forming thanks to thrice weekly Ben & Jerry’s night. More than one-quarter of Americans have skipped a routine medical appointment during the pandemic, and 17% elected not to have an elective procedure. Deferred maintenance might as well be the motto of 2020.


Rather than risking exposure in a medical facility, one-third of Americans have recently tried telemedicine for the first time and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive: 94% rate their telemedicine experience as positive. Sounds like PJs are preferred over hospital gowns.