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Seltzer = The Fountain of Youth


If offered a magical elixir to live forever, would you take it? Sixty percent of Americans said they would drink the infini-tea. Yet, this was only the case if they would live in perfect health. Only 35% of Americans wanted to live forever if they had one chronic health condition. Those wanting immortality fell to a mere 22% if they had to live with two chronic health conditions.




Regardless of the number of health conditions, Millennials were the most likely generation to want to live forever. However, not all Millennials are enthusiastic about a long life in poor health. Among those Millennials who do not yearn for immortality with two more chronic conditions, 30% would not want to live for more than 25 years. Maybe we should see how this changes if offered a lifetime supply of avocado toast?


In contrast, over 50% of Boomers and the Silent Generation are willing to live between 75 and 100 years with two chronic health conditions. Ok, Boomers...but what if you had to live through two economic catastrophes in the beginning of your career?