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Size Matters: Debating Mobile and Desktop Devices


With the majority of Americans owning a laptop (70%) and a smartphone (94%), it’s time to ask important questions like: “Which device should we use to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” and “If we were to frame a cartoon rabbit, would it be easier with a computer or mobile device?”



When it comes to visual entertainment, Americans largely prefer using computers over mobile devices #wristfatigue. In contrast, cell phones are preferred for audio-based entertainment and dating. Whether dating is audio or visual-based entertainment really depends on who you’re taking to dinner.



Americans are split (screen) between devices when it comes to practical applications. Computers are strongly preferred when doing anything with documents. Unfortunately, whether you print from mobile or desktop, your printer will still run out of ink halfway through printing the Norfolk Southern train regulations. Mobile devices are the go-to option for quicker tasks that can be done on the go. Just a pitch, but cell phones may want to rebrand themselves as go-go gadgets.