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Thanksgiving 2020: Giving Thanks it’s Nearly Over


If you thought serving Tofurky was the biggest heresy to the tradition of Thanksgiving, then Thanksgiving 2020 is sure to ruffle your (turkey) feathers.


That said, you may want to hold onto feathers of any kind if you’re part of the 12% of Americans who plan to host their Thanksgiving feast outdoors. That’s right. Out in the wild where actual turkeys live. Bundle up. Or feather up, if that’s more your style.


Trading fine china for outdoor yeti mugs is not the only change in store for the day where we are all supposed to appreciate life’s bounty. A mere 17% of Americans expect Thanksgiving to be the same as it’s always been and 38% expect it to be “very different” from past years.


Even one month out, 24% of Americans are still unsure how they plan to celebrate this year. Among those who do have plans, more than half will not be extending invitations to visitors.


And if you were worried that politics, or football, or Aunt Susan’s annual oyster shooter contest could add tension to your Thanksgiving feast, consider this: among those who do plan to have visitors over, nearly half will require evidence of a negative COVID-19 test before answering the door. Maybe more than just 12% of us will be eating outside this year. Some involuntarily.



Remember when flying around Thanksgiving involved spending a lot of time in crowded TSA lines and praying to the travel gods that your Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be a Cinnabon? Well, this year only 4% of Americans plan to take the Cinnabon risk.

At least limiting the number of thankful diners around the table means more pie (and less Tofurky?).