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With global temperatures rising, many places that were once lush with vegetation will become deserts. To better prepare Americans for their eventual desert lives, we conducted a MaxDiff experiment to determine the most and least preferred deserts. *Editor’s note: This story was supposed to be about desserts*. Uh… please disregard everything we said about the eventual demise of our ecosystem and the need for Americans to accept their transition into Jawas.



During this chocolate-gilded age in which desserts still exist, which do Americans prefer? Turns out Jawas Americans are partial to cake–any kind of cake, as long as vegetables and angels are left out of the equation. Soon they will miss vegetables… and angels.


With nearly half of Americans (47%) eating dessert several times a week, all the varieties of cake can be enjoyed. And a quick tip: if you’re baking for the lactose intolerant, feel free to keep the dairy in the recipe, as 83% of those intolerable people are willing to eat dairy in a dessert they like. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that cavalier human behaviors haven’t yet completely and globally obliterated thousands of years of human civilization and innovation.