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TrendSegments: Nostradamus Could Never


Remember in 2021 when we were all sure we’d gotten past the Bad Times? And we were rewarded with sheltering in place after having just left our shelters (#omicron), Taliban terrorists taking over Afghanistan, and cosplaytriots attempting to take over the Capitol. Then again, in 2022, things had to get better, right? Tell that to Ukraine, England (one dead queen, two failed prime ministers, and one Harry Kane missed PK for those of you keeping score at home), and the price of eggs in the store (and in women) everywhere.


Well, Americans' relentless optimism is on full display yet again, as they think 2023 will be better than 2022. But what exactly do Americans think will be better or worse this year?



TL;DR Americans, on 2023 compared to 2022: