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“Alexa, Play 'Trust Issues' by Cardi B”



Some (rare) good news for the medical industry: Americans trust medical providers to keep their personal data secure. Only bank vaults come close to the same level of trusted security. 


In a MaxDiff experiment, where survey respondents select who they trust the most and the least over multiple randomly generated lists, we model the relative trust Americans have in each option. 


Even though Amazon ranks highest in trustworthiness among tech firms – beating Samsung, Apple, and Google – Alexa and Echo (and all digital personal assistants, for that matter) are too eager to please to earn Americans’ trust. 


Facebook has the deepest trust deficit, followed by digital personal assistants and mobile app developers. So you’re probably better off sharing your deepest secrets with your doctor rather than Siri. We also hear a Roomba is pretty good at keeping all the things you brushed under the rug.


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