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Zoomed Out


Yes, most of us are shuttered in. But we’re still making decisions on how to spend our time and — conveniently — Gradient’s preferred quarantine activity is modeling how people make choices.


Thanks to the crowd-pleaser that was March Madness: Brand Edition, we’re keeping the discrete choice experiment alive with Conjoint Quarantine. A conjoint (considered jointly) experiment is a darling of the marketing analytics world used to reveal the tradeoffs customers make to arrive at their final preference.


Our experiment surfaced the ultimate food, beverage, activity, and apparel preferences for an ideal evening spent in quarantine. The clear must-have is a beverage of any kind. Just put something in a cup and you’re one-third of the way to a perfect evening.



But within the beverage category — and this really came as a surprise — soda is the dominant drink of choice by far. In-home wine and beer consumption must be on hold until sports resume or Prohibition returns. And the fact that there is no discernible difference between cocktails and mocktails tells us way too many Americans actually like Shirley Temples.


Nobody is dusting off their new wedding season outfits, preferring to rock pajamas instead. Only a select few opt for the more dignified, but just as comfy, athleisure look.


So your cup is full, your flannel PJs are on, what to do? Although the Internet has gotten creative with virtual board games and dance parties, it’s just not the same. Virtual meetups are the least preferred activity. Most of us are content with a TV show or movie but forget delivery pizza — homemade dinner is the new DiGornio. 

Want to see the data? Curious about the methodology? Email us at team@gradientmetrics.com