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A Summer State of Mind


In the previous edition, we published groundbreaking revolutionary insights about what activities people most look forward to during the summer. So that got us thinking: When does summer actually begin? Obviously we could have checked a calendar or maybe even an almanac, but that would have been a little too easy. Instead, we decided to take a more interesting approach and ask Americans what signals the beginning of the summer season.


A majority of Americans rely on changing temperatures, as opposed to a specific date, to tell them when it's summertime. Thirty-seven percent of Americans stated that summer begins when they start dressing for warm weather and another 36% stated it begins when they start to use air conditioning. It’s hard to summer-ize it better than Ella Fitzgerald: summertime is when the 🎶 livin’ is easy 🎶.


Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who don’t let calendars tell us what to think because only 10% answered that they think of summer as starting on a specific day. Seventeen percent will always be young at heart and believe summer starts when schools go on holiday break.