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Bad Neighbors 3: Into the Amazon Box


Inspired by our reference to Mad-Al, Steve, a Trendlines subscriber, asked us to investigate what makes a bad neighbor. Coincidentally, the Gradient family finally moved into the perfect house after many months of searching. While everything is running smoothly inside the house, Steve has us worried about being bad neighbors, especially since we don’t have Zac Efron’s abs to make up for some of our poor behavior.



We thought the noise level at our data analysis parties was normalized, but based on some angry notes we received, we may have skewed up. Gradient wants ANOVA chance to be a good neighbor, but we could use some direction. We turned to our trusted MaxDiff analysis to get a clear list of neighborly Dos and Don’ts. No longer will we be the standard deviants of the neighborhood.



Unless data is being delivered, it shouldn’t be too hard for us to be a good neighbor. However, it looks like we need to make it clear that we haven’t been “peeping through our neighbors’ windows,” we’ve been “collecting exploratory data.”