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The One Where Millennials Agree



For once, Punxsutawney Phil got it right — and that only happens 40% of the time. While many Americans welcome the early warmth of spring, 6 in 10 express concerns that global climate change will personally affect them. 


Concerns are most dire among Democrats: 78% are concerned that climate change will affect them, compared to 62% of Independents and 45% of Republicans. 




However, concerns about climate change are less heated among young people. In fact, 61% of Republicans aged 18-30 are concerned about how climate change will affect them, highlighting a deep generational gap between young and old Republicans. 


Regardless of political affiliation, consumers are using their purchasing power to encourage the development of sustainable products such as meatless meats and lab-grown diamonds to reduce their contribution to climate change. 

While 71% say they are willing to change their own behavior to reduce their carbon footprint, less than half (48%) believe other Americans are willing to do the same.