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Major Regrets



When was the last time you dusted off your college diploma? Ever considered throwing it away? If so you’re not alone: one-third of Americans — given the choice — would not go to college given what they know today. 


Even among college-educated Americans, 20% do not think a college degree is important to be successful in America today. Why the discontent? Their choice of major and debt. But mostly their major debt. Those with student loan debt are twice as likely to resent their degree; 41% would not go to college today. 


Half of college-educated Americans would choose a different major if they were going to college in 2020. Majoring in business wins the hypothetical college do-over, with computer science joining the upper ranks of most desired majors in 2020.




Before you consider trashing your diploma, perhaps a little perspective will help. 66% of Americans without a 4 year degree still think it’s important to have one to be successful.