Consumers Holiday

Santa Claus Might Be Coming to Town


Even if the vast majority of Americans will never accept Christmas tunes before their Turkey-day feast, many still recognize the importance of getting ahead of holiday shopping. That is if the idea of facing off against Arnold Schwarzenegger for the last Turbo Man isn’t reason enough.



In total, 86% of Americans plan on shopping this holiday season. Forty-three percent have already started their seasonal gift shopping, while a third have already stowed away some gifts but haven't crossed every item off their list. An over-eager 9% have already finished their shopping. If this is you: do less, pretty please. You’re making us look bad.


As is the case with most situations, being proactive is paying off. You may have heard about (or even worse, experienced) the global supply chain crisis threatening stockings and Hanukkah nights. And if you haven’t, you’re basically alone. Ninety-two percent of Americans are at least familiar with the current delays in global supply chain shipping.



And despite putting Halloween in the rear-view, the delays still have some spooked – 61% of shoppers are somewhat or very concerned they will negatively impact holiday shopping. The fear of supply chain delays is especially salient for online shoppers. As the Prime badge becomes scarcer, 71% of online shoppers are somewhat or very concerned – compared to just 37% of in-store shoppers.


Even though in-store shoppers will find a gift, it may not be the gift. You heard it here first, kids. Make sure you’ve got backups on your Christmas list or you may suffer the pain of knock-off Turbo Man.