Screwed! At the Midterms


On the ballot in next week’s midterm elections includes everything from reproductive rights, inflation, slavery, democracy itself, to sports betting. Most Americans would bet the DraftKings moneyline that these are no ordinary midterms: 64% think this election is more important than the average election, while 29% say it is about average, and a hard-to-impress 6% say it is less important.


Given that Americans are clearly feeling the stakes of the election, what will it mean if their preferred party loses? Are they predicting doom and gloom, or do they just hope all the candidates had fun? You better believe we have the exact answer to this question.



Bracing for the prospect of a loss for their party, a plurality (33%) would rather focus on 2024 because they were always more worried about that election. Sure, Jan. Otherwise, there’s a pretty healthy split between the “we’re all totally screwed” (26%) and the “nothing will change” (23%) camps.



Apparently, 68% of Americans are trying to prevent themselves from being screwed by voting. Of those:

  • 19% have already voted
  • 19% will vote by mail before Election Day
  • 27% plan to vote in person before Election Day
  • 30% will vote in person on Election Day
  • 5% say they’ll vote, but their exact plan is TBD


Now excuse us as we go to our room and blast “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” in preparation for the midterm elections.