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TrendSegments: Is That Still Mom’s Password?


Moochers, the embodiment of “Hey, are you done with that?” Whether you’ve done the mooching or been mooched from, you’ve likely experienced the awkwardness of sending a text asking, “Hey, can you sign out of your Netflix account? The Love Is Blind live reunion starts soon.”


To call out both the moochers from the moochees, we asked Americans who pays for their services and subscriptions: themselves, a family member, or someone else. More than half of adults (59%) currently mooch off someone else for one of the below services or subscriptions.


Life essentials and common family bundles, like cell phone service, internet service, and health insurance, are the most frequently mooched services. It’s no surprise that Netflix is cracking down on password-sharing—25% of Americans mooch a Netflix login from someone else, yet only 16% of Americans admit to sharing their Netflix account with anyone else for free 🤔.