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TrendSegments: Metaverse—Fad or Fade?


Allow us a brief moment to get meta and discuss Trendlines from within Trendlines (trust us, we tried to make a “between the lines” pun work. It’s not possible). For those of you taking notes at home, and we know you all are, you’ll remember that we recently began taking public submissions for research ideas. This week, we’re featuring an idea submitted by subscriber Lyle.


If you find yourself jealous of Lyle (let’s face it, we’re all a little jealous of Lyle), submit your own research idea and gain the confidence to make eye contact with that reflection in the mirror again. 


What Lyle wants to know is whether people think the metaverse is a passing fad, or something with a little more staying power. For those of you living in the under-a-rock-verse, the metaverse is an internet-based network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. Champions of the metaverse (not as cool of a phrase as it sounds) argue it is the future of business, e-commerce, real estate, and… the entirety of human interaction. 


This one’s for you, Lyle.