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TrendSegments: Send a Middle-Finger Shaped Spy Balloon to Russia


A year after Russian president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the beleaguered country’s flag still waves from many American doors and businesses in a show of solidarity. But is it only for show?


Maybe not! Support for some form of U.S. military involvement in the war remains strong (49%), though it’s slightly less than when we asked Americans the same question back in May (53%). In fact, as the conflict continues American support has remained relatively high for several different levels of intervention: For example, in May, 74% of Americans supported sending U.S. ground troops to Ukraine; now that support still stands at 69%. If Russia sends a spy balloon over Kansas will support for Ukraine inflate, too? Not that we want to give Putin any ideas.


Image of Putin as the old guy from Up (though infinitely less likable) aside, Americans are somewhat more likely to think Ukraine is winning the war instead of Russia (25% and 18%, respectively), with 21% unsure. Perhaps more troubling is the 36% who don’t believe either side has the upper hand, which doesn’t bode well for things wrapping up sooner rather than later.


Data plot showing results of whether Americans agree or disagree with certain amounts of global support for Ukraine