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TrendSegments: Time to Retire, Grandpa


The global business environment isn’t just uncertain for employers, it’s also uncertain for Labradoodles who can’t comprehend human commerce. That, and employees. Among those who are currently employed, 32% are at least somewhat worried about losing their job. Millennials are significantly more likely than Boomers to be worried, which is a sentence that probably applies equally to all of the other topics in this edition.


Why are folks worried? Fifty-one percent of job-fretters cite the possibility of a recession for why they think they might lose their job. A self-critical (or maybe brutally honest) 21% say their own job performance is a source of worry. To be fair, it is hard to excel at your job when you are worried about the impending recession that will leave you homeless and hungry (in your new EV). Luckily Labradoodles don’t have the superego development to express the same concern.


Look at him. He knows nothing about business.