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TrendSegments: With a Little Yelp from My Friends


Since the dawn of the internet, Yelp has harnessed the power of the online hivemind to rate every known restaurant, granting everyday Americans both the power to make informed culinary decisions and license to be total d-bags. But how much sway does the internet-crowdsourced Zagat hold over the nation’s dinner table spread? We designed a conjoint to find out.


Nothing matters more when choosing where to grab a bite than cuisine type (46%), and Americans prefer Italian foods like pizza and pasta to Asian fare, like Thai and Indian. Restaurant ratings are the second most important factor (29%) when deciding between two restaurants—even beating out price (17%)—and 4 stars is the minimum acceptable standard. Not even quality or price can stop hungry Americans from getting their cheese covered carbs. With that said, Gradient is introducing our new restaurant app: Cheese or No Cheese™.