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Wherefore Art Thou… Rome?


There’s still time to squeeze in a vacation before the kiddos return to school and your boss starts losing the tan that’s kept them in a surprisingly good mood for weeks. For those traveling abroad, try not to pick a place so nice that the idea of returning home tempts you to pay those exorbitant airline ticket change fees.


Although pictures from *insert latest social media site name here* make it seem like everyone is a casual jetsetter, this is a catfish as brazen as Uncle Jerry’s “@Angie_Jolie” handle: 34% of Americans have not traveled outside of the U.S. A plurality of Americans (41%) have visited 1-3 countries but, knowing their geography skills, they may be counting Florida as Cuba and New Mexico as Mexico Mexico.


Even though Americans haven’t traveled much abroad, 70% of them are at least somewhat willing to live outside the U.S. for a minimum of one year. However, the grass may be greener with those *seriously we give up on the social media names* filters: Well-traveled Americans are more likely to view the U.S. as significantly better than other countries.