Brand Tracker


The Challenge: Brand perceptions are constantly shifting

Customers constantly change their perceptions of brands, making it imperative that brands know what customers value and how competitors stack up. With a regular eye on your overall brand health, you can track your brand’s relevance among current and potential customers and adjust marketing investments accordingly. 


Past or current brand performance holds no predictive power for the future

Your brand is currently resonating with a loyal Millennial following. You are appealing to their needs, and you see no reason to monitor your brand. The future looks bright. In the not-too-distant future, the needs of Millenials will shift. A new segment will emerge dominated by Gen Y or even Gen Z. Suddenly, your brand no longer resonates with the values and needs of your — now former — customers.  Without constant attention, you won’t know how customers perceive your brand relative to competitors.  You could be blindsided by a sudden (or even gradual) shift in consumer sentiment, market dynamics or competitor strategy.


With Gradient’s Brand Tracking you will never lose touch with your customers. 

Not sure what exactly to track?  Gradient’s Brand Metrics Development will tell you which KPIs are meaningful to your brand to get the most out of your tracking studies.