Inside Gradient

Principles in Practice


At Gradient, we live by and ground our work in core principles that exemplify values of transparency, collaboration, intentionality, and the importance of relationships. We practice what we preach by developing infrastructure to make sure these principles are more than just buzzwords.


One of our best examples of how our principles drive our work is our bi-weekly kaizen sessions. Kaizen is a Japanese term popularized by Toyota after WWII meaning “change for better” or “continuous improvement.”


As issues arise — from major roadblocks to minor mistakes — our team members record “kaizens” to track them. Every other Friday, we get together as a team to problem solve and institute process improvements that ensure we learn from any and all hiccups in ways that strengthen our team and enhance the quality of our work.



Since our team started this process, we have developed 145 discrete improvements in how we work and collaborate as a direct result of 42 kaizen sessions. Kaizen allows us to leverage blunders rather than sweeping them under the rug. At the end of the day, we are our fiercest competition and most supportive cheerleaders.


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