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Concealed (Fear of) Carry

Wherefore Art Thou… Rome?

America's Next Top Icon

The Rebrews Are in: Ranking the Best Beer Brands

Billion Dollar Baby

Talkin' Policy is the Best Policy

Pragmatically Parsing Parents

A Summer State of Mind

Remotely Working or Working the Remote?

How Soon Is Yesterday?

I Know What You (Did) Want To Do (Last) This Summer

Got Plant-Based Milk?

Work/Life Burnout

Bad Neighbors 3: Into the Amazon Box

Things People Love: Being Corrected and Talking About Abortion

Gene Genie

There’s a Reason He’s Not Dwayne “The Paper” Johnson

We Are All Benjamin Button

CV = Certified (to Play the) Violin

TrendSegments: Is That Still Mom’s Password?

RE: FWD: Postponing Pierre's Retirement Party

(Doomsday) Rule #12: Bounty Paper Towels

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Marching Into the Multiverse of Madness



Kicking Train Safety Regulators in the Caboose

It Has Been 0 Days Since the Last Workplace Discrimination

Size Matters: Debating Mobile and Desktop Devices

Home Is Where the Chickens Are Raised

Gen Workin’ Hard or Gen Hardly Workin’?

TrendSegments: Send a Middle-Finger Shaped Spy Balloon to Russia

Unsealing Our Debt Ceiling Fate

All Aboard the Trauma Train

TrendSegments: To Kill a Gatsby or Catch Him in the Rye in 1984

This Is Your Brain on Brand

Dude, Where’s My Monthly Survival Payment?

Well, U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges, You Had a Good Run

TrendSegments: Cheese, Yum; Cake, Yum; Cheesecake, Double Yum

It Might Sound Crazy but it Ain’t No Lie, it’s AI AI AI

Some People Call it Football, Others Call it Potential-Death-Ball

TrendSegments: Nostradamus Could Never

Get Rich or Try Disputing the Definition

Everyone Thinks They're a Wrapper These Days

TrendSegments: The Good, The Bad, and Even the Ugly

2022: ICYMITE (In Case You Missed It: Trendlines Edition)

Are Men Merely Steak-Eating, Whiskey-Drinking Woodworkers?

Why So Blue, Twitter Blue?

TrendSegments: Battle of the Band (Name)s

California Dreamin’: Boom or Bust

Foosball Is the Devil

TrendSegments: Tales from the Trunk

Screwed! At the Midterms

Pandemic! At the Disco

TrendSegments: Panic! At the Deserted Island

Petty Penny for Your Thoughts

TrendSegments: Star Studded Streets

Falling for Fall

Trumped Up Charges

TrendSegments: American Idol, GOAT Edition

Mosey to the Moon or Maneuver to Mars?

Does a Party Bus Need Three Wheels?

America’s Confessional Booth

TrendSegments: Metaverse—Fad or Fade?

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say About People with Student Debt…

EVading Tax Credits

A Compass to Navigate Business Uncertainty

TrendSegments: Time to Retire, Grandpa

No Pinching Pennies for Politicians

Streaming Service SmackDown!

TrendSegments: Rob Me Once, Shame On Me

Inflation Nation

Does the Fabric of the US Shrink in the Wash?


Forgive Me, Forgive Me Not

Bros Before Booze?

TrendSegments: “I’ll Take Geography for $500.” Said No One.

You’re Not Stupid, but it Is the Economy

Are Tattoos Taboo?

Don't Sleep on Sleep

Jesus, Take the (Toyota-Branded) Wheel

Tell Tales of Wedding Bells

TrendSegments: mindblown.gif

Gun Control Is Out of Control

You Wanna Pizza Me?

TrendSegments: Don’t Roe it Away

A Dream Worth Not Remembering

You Don't Need to Look to the Night Sky to See the Little Tipper

Launch Twitter Into Space

We’re Sorry, Judge Jackson, We Are (Maybe) for Real

TrendSegments: Involvement Means Involvement

Contentment Is the Greatest Resource

No, You're at War with Eurasia

TrendSegments: With a Little Yelp from My Friends

Vampires Could Be Morning People Now

Let's Get Metaphysical

TrendSegments: What Does the Hand Say to the Face?

The Crysus of Public Educashun

Left on Read

TrendSegments: Dinosaurs Finally Agree: Asteroids Exist

Puttin' Putin in His Place

TrendSegments: The Cold, Cruel Fate of New Year’s Resolutions

Rogue Rogan

An Inconvenient Tooth

Masked Crusader or Mask Crusaders?

King of Disney Songs

What's the Wordle?

Flustered, Blustered, Filibustered

Giving is Living

How to Lose a Guy in One Date

A Year in Song

TrendSegments: Book Club, Hold the "Club"

No Books for Old Men

Coup You Not, Please?

TrendSegments: Don't Run Back '21

No Year's Resolutions

Keep the Classics, Ya Filthy Animals

TrendSegments: Chill-Seeking

Gendered-nation X

Christmas is for the Kids

TrendSegments: Americans Say Yippie-Kay-Nay

Omicron: The Worst Transformer

What’s the Zodiac Sign for Gullibility?

TrendSegments: How Much Quid to Play Some Squid...Games

American Workforce Priorities: flexible offices and drawstrings

Self-Driving Cars: Ethical robots in disguise

Santa Claus Might Be Coming to Town

TrendSegments: The Rise of the Reboots

Put Universal Health Care on Elon's Tab

TrendSegments: So... Do You Come Here Often?

Dawn of the Tread(mill)

Trans-itioning Mindsets

Halloween Party or Just You and a Smartie?

Ghosting is a Real Problem

TrendSegments: So You're Telling Me There's a Chance!

iPhone the 13th

Infrastructure Week. Again.

TrendSegments: Ultimate Superhero Faceoff

The DNA of a Sports Fan

“We are Young” by fun. (feat. Allergies)

With Great Power Comes Great Sentimentality

What Puts the D-I-E in Diet?

Love to See U.S. Go, Hate to Watch U.S. Leave

Americans’ Summer Love Is... Fall?

Critical of Critical Race Theory?

It Was the Best of Times, it Was the Worst of Times

64% of Americans: Pass that Law (or Joint)

No New Friends!

Seltzer = The Fountain of Youth

Astronauts or A$$tronauts

The Handiest Generation

Americans Want to Boycott the Olympics, but They'll Still Watch

Are Santa's Cookies Tracked, Too?

Will Dunk for Food

Don’t Feel Bad, Music Peaked in High School, Too

Crush it At Your Next Backyard BBQ

Americans Don’t Want to Party with the Other Party

We All Scream for Streaming

The Pandemic and the Patriarchy

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Inflation

I Want to Believe

The Gender “Return to Normal” Gap

Price ≠ Hype

Jury of Public Opinion

Energy Efficiency Class Wars

Jolene, Jolene, Pay Me to Get the Vaccine

Do I Get a Stamp?

Tesla Stock: Asset Bubble or Champagne Bubble?

Easy Come, (Not So) Easy Go

Portion Problems

Level Up, Apron On

Piña Coladas, Please

Online Hoarder or Brick & Mortar?

Aspire to Inspire

Who Run the World? (Or At Least Probably Should)

PTO ≠ Parental Time Off

Cancelled. Again? Is That Possible?

Stock Up On Marijuana Stonks?

Ramp Up to Get Down

Death to Death Row

Impeach Me Once, Shame on You. Impeach Me Twice...

GameStop Won’t Stop

History Is History

Cupid, the Non-Essential Worker

Herd Mentality

Divided in Sickness and in Health

When You Have FOMO of FOMO

2020 Holiday Double Take

From Watershed Moment to Watergate

The Terrible, Horrible, no Good, very Bad Year that was

The Best of the Worst

Trendlines Superlatives

SCOTUS Scramble

A Partridge and a Fake Tree

Let’s Plan on Making a Plan

A Poll of Polls

Are We There Yet? … Actually, Yes, Almost

Gifts are Nice, Discounts are Better

Counting on Democracy